IS 360W <br> Ceiling Mount<br> Outdoor Occupancy Sensor picture

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IS 360W <br> Ceiling Mount<br> Outdoor Occupancy Sensor
IS 360W <br> Ceiling Mount<br> Outdoor Occupancy Sensor additional picture 1

IS 360W
Ceiling Mount
Outdoor Occupancy Sensor

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The STEINEL IS 360 occupancy sensor is raintight for safe reliable operation indoors and out.

The sensors are passive infrared and respond to heat radiated from moving persons or other heat-emitting objects (such as vehicles). They automatically turn lights on when presence is detected and off when a space is left vacant.

For unmatched coverage, the IS 360 incorporates three highly sensitive pyroelectric sensors that provide reliable, uninterupted 360 coverage.


  • 360° coverage with up to 40 ft reach
  • 720 switching zones for highly accurate small motion detection
  • Coverage area may be customized with supplied snap-on shrouds and through fine-tune rotation adjustment
  • Precision molded lens is distortion free and watertight
  • Detects motion directly beneath sensor for immediate detection
  • Light level feature allows lighting to remain off during daylight regardless of occupancy
  • Automatically adjusts to temperature changes keeping sensitivity and coverage consistent
  • Built in surge protection with auto-reset
  • Raintight IP54 rated; suitable for interior or exterior use