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TR 100 Power Pack

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The TR 100 is a full featured power pack that provides power to STEINEL low voltage occupancy sensors and other control devides. They are Class 2 output power supplies, suitable for parallel interconnection.

The power packs switch the load(s) ON and OFF in response to signals from the control devices. Each power pack contains a Mode Switch to select either manual ON or automatic ON operation. In manual ON mode, occupants operate a low voltage momentary switch to turn lights ON.


  • Convenient mode switch selects either manual ON or automatic ON operation
  • LED status indicator
  • Switching is performed at, or close to, the zero-cross of the AC waveform in order to improve relay performance
  • 1/2 inch threaded nipple and two lock nuts are used to secure to a standard 1/2 knockout
  • Low voltage momentary switch input allows for manual control in automatic or manual mode
  • Switching Power Supply provides up to 250mA of 24VDC to low voltage controls